Monteverde Cloud Forest and Santa Elena

Monteverde, the cloud forest and Santa Elena town

Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica

Monteverde Cloud Forest

Monteverde is among one of the most enjoyable additionally to trouble totally free places in Costa Rica. Apart from its wonderful enchanting mountain tops, interesting natural museums, adventure parks natural environments, Monteverde can also be considerably famous because of its amazing highlands and cloud forests, situated in the central mountain ranges and also the province of Puntarenas and Guanacaste.
With cooler environments, mysterious ponds, cloud forest, considerable wildlife, the highlands of Monteverde function many attractions as hillsides and adventures, due to the fact both variations presents an extraordinary landscape rich in crops and wildlife.

The Monteverde tourism zone is known around the world for its conservation efforts and lifestyle centered on respect for nature. Santa Elena is the area’s main service center with various shops and tourism companies; other important towns are San Luis and San Gerardo. Though its main attraction is the Monteverde Biological Preserve, the region also features a variety of natural places, picturesque paths, flora- and fauna-watching opportunities, natural landscapes and more.
Owing to the area’s attractions and environment, activities are centered on natural history and adventure; possible tourist activities include bird- (especially the resplendent quetzal), wildlife- and nature-watching, hiking, and canopy tours, trips to suspension bridges and visits to butterfly and frog gardens

Santa Elena town

The Monteverde´s main township is Santa Elena. Probably most broadly employed 1 of the attractions of Santa Elena is the Children´s Eternal Rain Forest by way of example, located about 9 kilometers from Santa Elena village - the 2nd biggest attraction is the Selvatura adventure Park, a location offering breathtaking sights and adventure tours as zip lines, hanging bridges, Top Tree Walkways and more.

Santa Elena Village is a small and simple spot full of restaurants, shopping’s, grocery stores and local tour offices. It also offers 2 banks and rural nightlife for those who love to share with locals.

Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica

picture by: Jakie Marin